ReactJs Conference 2016


This is a late post. However I recently got the chance to visit San Francisco for the first time as well as attend the ReactJs conf. It was quite inspiring to be around so many bright minds and hopeful energy.

After last years reveal of the react native library everyone was steeped with excitement to see what this conference would yield. However this year they checked those expectations. While there weren’t any grand reveals of new additions to the library there was indeed a wealth of presentations on taking react to the next level.
Every since react native was announced I’ve been experimenting with different parts of the library. Very fun to test new updates as well as get a glimpse as to how the native environments work. While a don’t believe it is a direct competitor to tools and languages like Swift and Go. I do believe there is potential to push JavaScript’s ability to live in a vast range of environments i.e.(web, mobile, TV, servers, etc).


react js conference

There were two presentations that I couldn’t wait to see. The web-gl September project and the raspberry pi project. I’ve been following the web-gl September project for a while . The possibilities to use react for visual animations and photo-manipulation I find to be intriguing. However in my explorations I want to push react /react native to do more. So my next code project will be pairing react with redux in order to simulate real world physics. Some kind of react physics engine and allowing redux to handle the data changes would be an awesome test for the library.

The other project that surprised me was the react project that ran on the raspberry pi. It inspired me so much that bought a raspberry pi 2 and installed node and gitlab on it (that will be another blog post). My next addition to pushing the raspberry pi will be to see how running react server side would play. I still have to flesh that project out in my head.

All in all the React Conf was great!! I’m glad I attended and also meet some great ppl throughout the conference. It was really inspiring to hear there stories and project ideas as well.

Here are some random photos of San Fran to add for kicks. San Fran the beautiful.


IMG_20160221_171729 IMG_20160221_133049 IMG_20160221_160009 IMG_20160221_171455 IMG_20160221_151450 IMG_20160221_152510 IMG_20160221_151358IMG_20160221_165153