Penhead’s Mac Ducreux – Hackintosh Build for 2016


Finally I mustered up the confidence to build a Hackintosh. My old 2009 macbook pro started to show its age. I could barely open the calculator app anymore. Knowing that I wanted to make PenheadCreative more production capable I decided to build a production grade (and gaming capable hehe) machine. I wanted the production liquidity of a mac (i.e. OS X) and the power and upgradebility of a PC but in a small form factor. So I decided to build a CustoMac Mini Deluxe. Futhermore, due to its unconvientional build process and quirkiness it shall be henceforth refer to as Mac Ducreux (after french painter Joseph Ducreux).


So lets get down to the hardware. The components are as follow:

Gigabyte GA-Z97n-wifi (motherboard)
Core i5-4690K (CPU)
Crucial Ballistix Tatical 8GB (RAM)
Patriot BLAZE ssd (storage)
Thermaltake V1 (case)
EVGA GT 740 SC (graphics card)
Thermaltake TR2 (power supply)

b1 b2 b4 b5 b6b3

El Capitan (I nicknamed it to be El Hackitan…punny)

Programming and web development (i.e. Android/IOS development, html, .NET, Unity game engine, etc)
Gaming my style of games (Firewatch, Tomb Raider, The Witness, No Man’s Sky(cant wait for that), etc)

The best resource for building any Hackintosh is
It has the most trusted software and fast helpful community.

Parts list and other compatible hardware ( )

Hardware Build

The build is very simple, components wise. There’s a lot of space to work within the case and it makes cable management easy with good airflow. If you have question on the general build of a computer like I had, then definitely look at this video and others on youtube as a general guide in building – build of a mini ITX (excellent tutorial)

Here a few things to do that will save you time and money.
Thoroughly research your parts. Since this is a Hackintosh some parts are not compatible with OS X software. Again use this link

( )

READ the manuals of your motherboard. They have valuable diagrams on connections and pins. (I studied mine as if I was taking an

Of course always be careful when handling the CPU and be sure not to damage the motherboard pins.

CAUTION: There will be hair-pulling beyond this point!! (I’m bald so I resorted to throwing things….yea 😀 )

First you have to create a bootable USB. I’m no expert on the matter so of course I took to google and Youtube.

Here’s a thorough and official guide

If you’re like me and like visual and audio check out this video guide
This guy has an excellent tutorial on how to create the bootable USB as well as how to install the mac OS def give this a look. ( – (clear and straight to the point)

A couple of gotchas (this is specific to my build)
When working with BIOS has a USB keyboard not wireless and only plug them into the USB 2.0 port during installation of the OS.

If you have a nvidia graphics card and you’re using clover you’ll more than likely have to boot with the nv_disable=1 flag (if not you’ll have a blank screen). But if you don’t install a graphics card you shouldn’t have to boot with any flag for your graphics card.

When using multiple monitors don’t have any VGA connections connected to your mac. The reason is VGA connections have been unsupported in the mac OS for years and the software isn’t compatible. So only have HDMI or DVI connection going from your monitor to computer. This is from personal experience of looking at a blank screen for 10 mins before realizing it :-\ .

So Anyways ahhhh… -(Don Rickles)
This was a great experience I definitely understand my operating system all the way down to the component level. Not a expert by any means but a great way to be introduced into the hardware and software world. Cant wait to do more.

I’ll be running the machine through its paces over the following weeks to see how much it can handle but so far its BLAZING fast and the gameplay is awesome and no drop frames.